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Jetboil is an American manufacturer of lightweight gas-fueled portable stoves used primarily for backpacking. The company was formed in 2001 by Dwight...

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Johnson Outdoors

Since November 2012, Johnson Outdoors has owned Jetboil, a company that produces lightweight gas fueled portable stoves. Johnson Outdoors acquired Eureka...

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Primus stove

Primus stove was advertised as the first "sootless" and "wickless" stove. Jetboil Portable stove Tilley lamp Swedish Patent No. 3944 (Nov. 19, 1892) "Primus"...

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List of stoves

situations, by backpackers, hobos, tramps and homeless people. Hot plate Jetboil Kitchen stove – also referred to as a range, a kitchen appliance designed...

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EN 417

camp stoves are Epigas (Coleman), Sievert, GoSystem, Primus, Brunton, Jetboil, Mountain Safety Research, Snow Peak, Rothenberger, and Campingaz. "EN...

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Portable stove

David (27 March 2010). "High-End Canister Stoves: Is the MSR Reactor or Jetboil Helios Right For You?". EasternSlopes. "REF. POINTS GB DESIGNATIONS DESIGNATIONS...

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Gas stove

appliances can be raised by using special pots with heatsink-like fins. Jetboil manufactures pots for portable stoves that use a corrugated ribbon to increase...

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Jetboil is an American manufacturer of lightweight gas-fueled portable stoves used primarily for backpacking.The company was formed in 2001 by Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst in a former woolen mill in Guild, New Hampshire, debuting its products at the 2003 Outdoor Retailers trade show. In 2006 the company moved its headquarters to Manchester, New Hampshire and in 2012 was purchased by Racine, Wisconsin-based Johnson Outdoors.