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original on March 15, 2008.CS1 maint: unfit URL (link) Żmigrodzki, "pączek". Bralczyk (2014), p. 127. Derksen (2008), pp. 416–417. sfnp error: no target: CITEREFDerksen2008...

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it may derive from German begossen, meaning "doused" or "basted". Jerzy Bralczyk similarly derives the word from archaic German Beiguss, "sauce". Aleksander...

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List of Coca-Cola slogans

"Coca-Cola: co za radość" ("Coca-Cola: such a joy") – created by professor Jerzy Bralczyk, authority in linguistics. 2007 – "Witaj po radosnej stronie życia" ("Welcome...

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Polish profanity

downplaying or changing their answers providing a false report. Linguist Jerzy Bralczyk calculated that there are only five basic vulgarisms in Polish. These are...

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Polish-Senegalese Mamadou Diouf, who called for a boycott. Polish linguist Jerzy Bralczyk noted that the word "Murzyn" is not pejorative, but diminutives could be...

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Polish Language Council

current members of the council are: Jerzy Bartmiński Andrzej Blikle Jerzy Bralczyk Andrzej Markowski Jan Miodek Basic Information about the Council for the...

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SWPS University

Sciences Committee in the Polish Science Academy Bogdan Wojciszke Jerzy Bralczyk Klaus Bachmann, associate professor at the Institute of Political Science...

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Jan Miodek

Miodek" (in Polish). University of Wrocław. Retrieved 2018-05-01. Jerzy Bralczyk (2006). "Opinia o dorobku Profesora Jana Miodka, przygotowana przez prof...

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Ruch Chorzów

Poznań. Notable individual supporters of Ruch are, among others: Jerzy Bralczyk – professor at Warsaw University Jerzy Buzek – professor of technical science...

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